boutique furn pics_20080614_0625-120151016_8827-1D 20151016_8825-1D Decorating your home or office requires much more than just furniture.  Accessorizing your space helps polish the look and gives the final touch to provide an "interior designer" approach.  FUSION Décor Boutique has a wide variety of home décor items to finish your room.  Your walls are like a blank canvas that can be filled with beautiful fine art prints, wall sculptures, clocks and other decorative items which may be found at our store.  Table lamps, floor lamps and some ceiling fixtures also complement your interior design and provide lighting that is both functional and beautiful.   Lovely vases, pieces of pottery and glassware help complete the look on accent tables and in hutches or curio cabinets.  Area rugs help anchor your room.   A final touch is often coordinating tableware, glassware and flatware.  All of these items are available through FUSION Décor Boutique.  Each item is one of a kind and inventory changes weekly.
Upscale – Resale Home Furnishing and Décor - All merchandise is donated - All staff are volunteers - All proceeds are used for housing the homeless 20151016_8801-1 20151016_8803-1D 20151016_8805-1D 20151016_8809-1D 20151016_8810-1D 20151016_8811-1D

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